Ben Shaw’s Contribution to the New Mexico Tattoo Industry is Noteworthy

Tattooing has become a serious form of art. Earlier people used to think it was just a trend that would pass. But Tattoos are here to stay. Ben Shaw is a tattoo artist in New Mexico who has contributed a lot to the industry.

His journey

Ben’s passion for tattoo started at a young age. He was fascinated with it; he even got his first tattoo when he was a teenager. Then he began an apprenticeship under a tattoo artist to learn the trade. Soon he became deft with the art and decided to open his own place.

He is now the co-founder at New Mexico Guild of Ethical Tattoo Artist and owner at Archetype Tattoo. In addition to this, he is also serving as a host at Art Fusion for a cause. Ben’s contribution to the New Mexico Tattoo Industry is unparalleled.

Ben always encourages customers to get tattoos from verified and safe places. That’s why he established the Guild of Ethical Tattooists to warn people about the dangers of tattooing from unlicensed artists.  Ben Shaw does not take tattooing lightly; he even raised his voice against the New Mexico Tattoo regulation.

Board of Body art practitioners

Tattooing under unhygienic and unclean circumstances can lead to severe infections, even Hepatitis. That’s why tattoo artists must be licensed, based on their technique and hygiene. Ben Shaw understands this, that’s why he took the help of  Sen. Jacob Candelaria, A-Albuquerque to draft Senate Bill 275.

This bill was for the establishment of the Board of Body Art Practitioners. Shaw’s efforts bore fruits, and the SB 275 got passed in the New Mexico legislature. Because of his unwavering determination and hard work, he served as the responsible chairman of the Body Art Practitioners Board for 6 years before retiring recently. He is still a watchdog over the Board.

Along with tattooing at both his places, he also oversees the Body Art Practitioners Board.